Published: 12-09-2016
Collecting temperature data using an Arduino. Sending that data to a web server. Displaying that data via a web interface.
Published: 08-09-2016
Getting started with a LAMP stack (on Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr). Uses a Vagrant created VM to host the LAMP stack.
Published: 23-08-2016
(Not quite finished) A quick look at what the prototype design and workshop apps are currently able to do. Discusses problems and improvements.
Published: 13-08-2016
Using D3 to make mindmaps by exploring layouts and force graphs. End goal => to use mindmaps for visualising article contents and APIs, and my life. I love mindmaps.
Published: 11-08-2016
Getting to grips with D3. Learning the basics and understanding the Enter, Update and Exit model.
Published: 03-08-2016
An objective ;) look at some common JavaScript Patterns. Not opinion driven, hopefully.
Published: 02-08-2016
A log of how to create and publish NPM modules, using bitbucket with NPM and semmantic versioning. Little bit on Typescript too.
Published: 14-07-2016
A recap on makeit's architecture and layout. Just a reference for any confusion. Also looks and how to simplify the modular layout for home use.
Published: 13-07-2016
Figuring out how to store data for the makeit project. Looks at how to use git programmatically with libgit2 and nodegit.
Published: 05-07-2016
Get started with a bit of testing. Goes over setting up and using Mocha + Chai for some in-browser tests.
Published: 04-07-2016
Here the functionality of the full blown design app is discussed. It now includes javascript panels and the makeit-processor library.
Published: 15-06-2016
Updating the design app interface so javascript can be used directly to generate code, rather than in a separate program.
Published: 10-06-2016
Programatically milling profiles. Looking at: Geometry generation of profiles, which consist of arcs and lines. An offsetting algorithm for transforming the profiles. Generating G-code and rendering it to SVG.