Published: 14-07-2016
A recap on makeit's architecture and layout. Just a reference for any confusion. Also looks and how to simplify the modular layout for home use.
Just to make it clear in my mind and to have something of reference when feeling confused here is a recap of the MAKEIT architecture.
Below are the main apps and services that make up the MAKEIT suite:
Main apps and services
Makeit - Filestore
Filestore break down
Makeit - Design
Design break down
A little complicated
So, things are a little complicated, well not really, but they are. What I mean is everything is nice and modular but how are people going to use it at home, as open source software. There needs to be a distinction between the highly modular version that can run on multiple servers and a bundled version design to run on a single machine. The aim was to get it running on a couple of Raspberry Pis or even one. There are like 4 nodejs servers, not a good idea, way too complicated.
So the new plan is: Keep Makeit-Filestore and Makeit-design coupled. When being used privately the User can just point the app to their repos. There will be no authentication on the 'bundled opensource version' to get rid of the need for a Mongo or Redis server. Makeit-Processor will also be bundled with Makeit-Design.
The modular layout shown above will be kept for the MAKEIT app run in public. There will be authentication and pubsub modules that bolt on. Makeit-Processor and the Makeit-Design front end will be served from a CDN. The Makeit-workshop app will also have a bolt on authentication module so it can communicate with the design app.